Leisurely Morning with Darcy

I love slow mornings. As much as I may try to convince myself that I’m not a morning person, I just can’t help but enjoy being awake before everyone else and leisurely starting the day. Don’t get my wrong, those warm blankets are terribly enticing and have tricked me into spending many a morning scrolling through Instagram in bed. Anna, my sister and house mate, has been able to experience my early morning wakefulness as I drive her to work while she’s still groggy and I’m ready to chat away about the day ahead.

Three days out of my week begin with a class at 11:30. This means I can have those leisurely mornings more often than I ever have as a college student. However, within the next three weeks I have three major research papers and a short presentation due along with my daily homework for my five classes. Needless to say, it feels like I’m going from morning til midnight these days.

This morning I had a beautiful respite from the day’s busyness. I woke up to a clean cozy room, hopped out of bed and started getting dressed. When I walked out of my room, I was met by a friend that greets me almost every single morning –  one of my favorite parts of my morning routine.

The view from my room looks something like this:

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

This is Darcy, Anna’s German Shepherd/Border Collie pup. She’s some of the best company and will lick anything and everything beyond what you might think is possible.

Then she hears me outside and starts pawing and licking and making noises under the door. I can’t just open the door and let her out. Of course I bend down and take a peek at her through the crack underneath. It is the cutest morning greeting and who doesn’t want to wake up to a pup that is thrilled to see you?

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

The lazy morning continued with Darcy shadowing me. Staring while I made breakfast. Staring while I ate breakfast. Staring while I packed my backpack.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Taking a slow morning will have to happen more often. Maybe I’ll break out the pumpkin pancakes and see how well Anna stays in bed then!

photo (4)

Do you have any rituals that make your mornings bright?


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