Dating Around Lynchburg

Micah and I had a relaxed Valentine’s Day spent on the couch watching movies, wedding planning, and enjoying the delicious foods he planned and prepared throughout the day. Even though we didn’t have an extravagant Valentine’s Day, I decided to plan several dates as a gift to Micah. Once month, up until the wedding, I planned a special date combining things we’ve done and loved (baseball and ice cream) and things we’ve been wanting to do (Monticello and a farm to table restaurant in Charlottesville).

The Ploughcroft Tea Room
The Ploughcroft Tea Room

Friday night was the first date. It was Micah’s day off but I still had class so our activities were planned around that schedule. After I finished my work shift, Micah picked me up and we headed downtown for lunch at the Ploughcroft Tea Room on Commerce Street. I went last year as a field trip for my Modern England class and thought about Micah enjoying it the whole time since he’s such a tea snob. The lovely little restaurant is owned by an English woman who has fashioned the place to serve authentic English Tea. I’ve been telling him he needed to try it for months so of course, I had to include it on our Lynchburg date.

Kensington Chicken Salad
Kensington Chicken Salad
Nottingham Hill Chicken Salad
Nottingham Hill Chicken Salad

I had the Kensington Chicken Salad which was a curried chicken salad on mixed greens with a delicious raspberry vinaigrette. Micah had the Nottingham Hill Chicken Salad which was a fruity/nutty chicken salad served the same way. We both had a delicious warm cheddar dill scone on the side. Of course, I let Micah pick the tea and he went for the Darjeeling, which Ploughcroft describes as the champagne of teas!

Handsome as Ever

We couldn’t leave downtown without checking to see if Mama Crockett’s food truck was parked somewhere. They have delicious apple cider donuts sold out of an enticingly turquoise fifth wheel. They’ve got a 1/2 dozen bag for $5 and a baker’s dozen for $9.

The Mama Crockett’s Fifth Wheel

image10 image11I had to return to campus after dessert for my only class of the day. But, there were big plans ahead for the evening. I knew I wanted to go see a show with Micah for our Lynchburg date and Abigail and Anna’s musical obsession has rubbed off I suppose because when I saw that Lynchburg College was doing “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying” I knew we’d be heading outside of the “Liberty bubble” for our date.

All dressed up!
Awaiting the Show!

We had a lot of fun getting dressed up, pretending like Lynchburg College students and driving around campus finding the fraternity and sorority houses. The show was a nice little adventure and I’m sure we’ll keep checking back to see what shows they do in the future. It took me back to when I was in school back home going to local productions.

When we got back to my house, we made a Blueberry Custard Pie to take advantage of Micah’s cheat day to the fullest!

Date #1 was a success I’d say! I’m excited to take Micah contra dancing in Roanoke next month!


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